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Job Description


First and foremost, the 2 assistant directors are responsible for the daily operations of camp. Assistant directors oversee the various tasks that fall outside of the scope of camp counselors and instructional staff. This includes but is not limited to scheduling, supply runs, assisting with the camp store, running camper orientation, and other various administrative tasks. Communication between the assistant director and all members of the camp staff are integral to camp’s success, and as such the people in this role will participate in administrative, instructional, and residential staff meetings whenever possible.

Assistant directors also assume the responsibilities of the camp director on their day off or if they are unavailable. Therefore, assistant directors also help ensure camp’s daily operations are inline with both the mission and health/safety standards, act as the point of contact for all camp families and work with each to help every camper have a great summer, and more.


The assistant directors are supervised by the camp director. Assistant directors ultimately supervise the lead instructor, lead residential counselor, leadership academy head mentor, residential counselors, and instructors, though the latter 2 positions are more directly supervised by the lead residential counselor and lead instructor, respectively. Assistant directors have the support and guidance of the camp nurse and the on-call therapist when approved by the director. Assistant directors also hold the power to recommend termination to the camp director, who then makes the final decision with the organization’s executive director.

Employment Logistics

  • The pay range is $5,600–7,000, depending on experience, for 7 weeks of full-time summer employment (includes one week prior to Session 1 for move-in and staff orientation)

  • Room and board is 100% covered

  • Travel cost to and from camp is not covered by Girls Rock; this is each individual staffer’s responsibility

Job Requirements
Work Schedule & Physical Requirements
Assistant camp directors work 6 days/week and have one 24-hour period (excluding weekends) free from camp responsibilities, while still upholding expectations. Their work day begins at 9:00 AM when daily operations begin, starting with staff meetings for both counselors and instructors. Assistant directors’ daily hours are dictated by the needs of camp, as well as by the time in which tasks are completed. Work hours include instructor, counselor, and administrative staff meetings, mid-day planning and preparation, and evening duty. While the average amount of hours worked is 40–45 hours/week, this is a salaried position with hours worked varying from day to day. When not tending to daily concerns, assistant directors should be tending to administrative tasks. They are also on-call at night (based on a rotating duty schedule with other administrative team members) to tend to any camp needs while campers and most of the staff are getting their rest.

As with all staff (and human beings in general), assistant directors ought to take time away from their duties every day for self care. Exactly when this might occur every day will likely vary and should be coordinated with the camp director, understanding that camp and camper needs take priority. Assistant directors work during weekends to provide new staff orientation, help with final showcases and other fun camp activities (like off-campus trips), coordinate camp turnover with the help of the gear technician, and provide new student orientation with the camp director.

Assistant directors should be able to navigate a school campus in potentially intense temperatures and may occasionally need to move/lift heavy objects; however, one can always advocate for assistance. As job duties occur at all hours of the day, assistant directors may not hold a secondary job or participate in course instruction without the camp director’s permission.
Additional Responsibilities
Additional responsibilities include but are by no means limited to:

Before students arrive:

Arrive to camp early to help manage camp move-in and orient the administrative team

Correspond with Ojai Valley School to discuss camp and facility needs

Help plan and facilitate staff orientation

Complete all required training, including reading all materials related to camp operations

Help schedule Opening Day procedures and staff duties

Learn how to use CampMinder

Once camp has begun:

Help run Opening/Closing Day procedures

Work with consultant and LITs to oversee camper entry/exit surveys

Organize housing assignments for campers and staff every session

Coordinate mail with Ojai Valley School

Check and sign-off on daily gear inventory and relay discrepancies to camp director

Participate in instructor, counselor, and administrative meetings daily

Lead or facilitate camper orientation, staff meetings, assemblies, and workshops

Hold appropriate boundaries with staff (and campers)

Remain in contact with camp director and be prepared to step in for any staff member (including camp director) if and when they cannot fulfill their duties, such as on their day off or in the event of illness/injury

Stepping in for camp director likely to include:

Working with executive director to resolve disciplinary issues

Working with Ojai Valley School to resolve camp/campus/maintenance issues

Coordinating camper/staff travel and being point of contact for lead counselor and lead instructor during off-campus trips excursions

Managing parent communication, including checking email and voicemails daily for parent messages

Supervising and evaluating staff ability to meet expectations; when conflict arises or staff fail to perform inline with camp standards and mission, helping to resolve said issues alongside the relevant supervisors

Complete paperwork in a timely and diligent fashion such that it is consistent with camp standards

In conjunction with lead counselor, coordinate and schedule days off

Be on call at night as dictated by the rotating duty schedule with other members of the administrative team

Monitor staff morale and find ways to boost it when needed, including providing emotional support for campers and staff and practicing appropriate disclosure (involving camp director when necessary)

Follow protocols related to health care as covered in orientation and handbook; assist with health office logistics and urgent medical situations when they arise, which may require accompanying a camper to an off-campus resource
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