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A summer camp job at Lake Greeley Camp opens the door for an exciting, fun and action-packed summer for you. The success of Lake Greeley is due in large part to the talents and abilities our staff bring every summer to the camp program. The summer staff we hire in the off-season leading up to our summer season have such a large impact on creating a positive experience for campers. It is for this reason we invest such a great deal of time and attention to looking for a staff that cares for and wants to enrich the lives of many children during the summer.

The position of camp counselor at Lake Greeley Camp is a rather unique job position. It is, in fact, a dual position.

First, camp counselors live right in the cabin with the campers, helping to provide 24 hour supervision. In this position, counselors become almost like big brothers or big sisters, seeing to the daily needs of the campers in their cabin. There are a minimum of 2 counselors in every cabin with some cabins having 3.

Second, counselors are also the instructors, specializing in one or more activities throughout the program day at the activity sites. It is the responsibility of the counselor to ensure instruction is being done on a daily basis so that the campers can go home having learned new skills.

There are many benefits to working at Lake Greeley Camp. We offer a competitive salary, free room, board, laundry service, staff lounge with Internet Access through WiFi and tipping from camper parents is permitted and encouraged. In addition, we also provide FREE tuition to the children of our Senior Staff. However, perhaps the greatest benefits of working at Lake Greeley Camp are the friendships and bonds created that will, undoubtedly, last forever and span continents.

Dates: (Updated for the 2018 Summer Season)
The dates for the 2018 summer season are slightly different depending upon what position you are looking for and where you are coming from:
For Senior Staff members: June 15th, 2018 - August 18th, 2018.
For International Counselor Staff members: June 16th, 2018 - August 18th, 2018.
For LIFEGUARDS, those counselors who will be lifeguards at Lake Greeley Camp: June 17th, 2018 - August 18th, 2018.
For Domestic Counselor Staff members: June 18th, 2018 - August 18th, 2018.
These dates include an orientation session before the start of our eight week operating season, when we will start having campers at the camp. This orientation session is essential for not only preparing activity areas and the campground, but also for developing experience of working with children during the summer.

Our counselors must be at least 19 years of age by the time camp begins and have completed one year of college.
Our senior staff must be at least 22 years of age.
Our staff is composed of over 100 counselors and senior staff from not only around the United States, but from all over the world. If you are ready to have the experience of your life and consider yourself a good role model for children, then we encourage you to apply for a position at Lake Greeley Camp.

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