About This Camp

Camp Weequahic

210 Woods Rd.
Lakewood PA 18439
United States
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A summer job at Weequahic is anything but a "job" - it's an adventure! From the relationships you form with your fellow counselors, to the fun activities you will create and all the new experiences you will encounter, you are assured to have an AMAZING summer at Camp Weequahic!

What It Takes to Work at Weequahic
At Weequahic we do our absolute best to staff our camp with the most skilled, responsible, and enthusiastic individuals. Working at a summer camp can be best described as the “toughest job you’ll ever love.” We expect that our counselors are committed to delivering their campers a fun and safe experience by placing the needs of the campers first, as it is the responsibility of the staff to help make the summer a success. If you arrive at camp with these ideals in mind and a great attitude, you will have one of the most fantastic and unforgettable summers of your life!

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