Challenge Course Instructor

Happy Hollow Children's Camp
3049 Happy Hollow Road
Indianapolis, IN 47448
United States

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Summer Camp - Overnight
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Sleep-Away Camp

Job Description

(1 position available)

Will be responsible for the challenge course area and equipment and must be able to lead the program for campers ages 7-14. Able to enforce established safety regulations, provide necessary instruction and identify and manage other hazards related to the activity. Must have some knowledge of leading groups through a course and must be willing to take and pass the certification course that is offered at Happy Hollow Camp during staff training.

All Staff except kitchen staff receive $375.00 for completing staff training and $250.00 for each camper session that they are employed for and complete (a minimum of 7 camper sessions). Salaries will be prorated according to missed days of work, if not work related.
Additional pay for returning staff upon completion of summer employment (as stated in the contract) is as follows:
Second year returning: $100.00
Third year returning: $200.00
Fourth year returning: $300.00
Fifth year and beyond: $500.00
Along with salary, employees receive room and board and are covered by a limited health and accident insurance coverage. Staff is normally paid every two weeks based on a weekly salary.

Happy Hollow Children's Camp
Chris Chappell
3049 Happy Hollow Road
Indianapolis IN 47448
United States
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