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From $4,200 To $4,900
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Job Description

First and foremost, the leadership academy head mentor is responsible for guiding, supporting, and (appropriately) challenging the teen leaders in training (LITs). The head mentor leads a unique program within Amplify Sleep Away Camp geared toward giving senior campers a capstone experience that solidifies their culmination to LEADER. The head mentor actively participates in the development of each LIT’s skills, both personal and professional; most days this happens by teaching LIT leadership lessons/workshops, encouraging and lightly supervising LITs’ capstone projects, and providing private one-on-one sessions. Curriculum planning takes place before camp begins and should be adapted on a daily basis to meet the needs of individuals and the cohort as a whole.


The leadership academy head mentor is directly supervised by the camp director and assistant camp directors. The head mentor directly supervises the teen LITs attending Syryn Leadership Academy.

  • The pay range is $4,200–4,900, depending on experience, for 7 weeks of full-time summer employment (includes one week prior to Session 1 for move-in and staff orientation)

  • Room and board is 100% covered

  • Travel cost to and from camp is not covered by Girls Rock; this is each individual staffer’s responsibility

Job Requirements
Work Schedule & Physical Requirements
The leadership academy head mentor works 6 days/week and has one 24-hour period (excluding weekends) free from camp responsibilities, while still upholding expectations. The time commitment is from 9:30 AM–5:30 PM, with a 2- to 3-hour break most afternoons. Like instructors with traditional campers, the head mentor supervises LITs during lunch and must be physically and emotionally prepared to assist LITs for the majority of the day. When LITs are with residential counselors or other mentors, the head mentor should be participating in staff meetings, preparing curriculum amendments, meeting with supervisors for professional development, providing private one-on-one sessions, and generally helping camp be as fun, supportive, and successful as possible. Outside of the workday, the head mentor is free to use their time for whatever helps them thrive: self-care, curriculum research, bonding with campers and LITs, etc. While the average amount of hours worked is 40–45 hours/week, this is a salaried position with hours worked varying from day to day.

The head mentor should be able to navigate a school campus in potentially intense temperatures and may occasionally need to move/lift heavy objects; however, one can always advocate for assistance. As job duties occur at all hours of the day, the head mentor may not hold a secondary job or participate in course instruction without the camp director’s permission. The head mentor is also on-call at night (based on a rotating duty schedule with other leadership team members) to tend to any camp needs while campers and most of the staff are getting their rest.
Additional Responsibilities
Additional responsibilities include but are by no means limited to:

Before students arrive:

Submit for review the planned curriculum for a full session at least 2 weeks before camp begins

Participate in necessary background checks

Arrive to camp early to help with camp move-in/setup, including preparing your classroom for LITs by inventorying all gear and setting up instructional aids

Help plan and facilitate staff orientation

Complete all required online and onsite training, including reading all materials related to camp operations

Once camp has begun:

Help schedule and run Opening/Closing Day procedures and staff duties

Lead or facilitate camper orientation, staff meetings, assemblies, and workshops

Supervise LITs in a way that is consistent with camp standards at all times, acting as a positive role model who consciously emulates the qualities of a confident, compassionate, inclusive leader

Complete paperwork in a timely and diligent fashion such that it is consistent with camp standards

Be on call at night as dictated by the rotating duty schedule with other members of the leadership team

Provide emotional support for LITs, campers, and colleagues, practice appropriate disclosure, and escalate issues to assistant directors when necessary

Provide consistent, positive, and constructive feedback to LITs, helping them keep their leadership development and capstone projects on track throughout the session

Follow protocols related to health care as covered in orientation and handbook; assist with health office logistics and urgent medical situations when they arise, which may require accompanying a camper to an off-campus resource

Be first point of contact for LITs, supporting and helping when possible and asking for assistance when desired

In conjunction with lead residential counselor, lead instructor, assistant directors, and camp director, plan and lead camper orientation

Assist gear technician with setup and breakdown of lunch time performance equipment

Attend and supervise LITs on off-campus trips

Be a present, active voice during daily transitions

Remain prepared to step in for other staffers when they cannot fulfill their duties
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