Leadership Staff: Waterfront Director

The Fresh Air Fund
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United States

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Summer Camp - Overnight
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Sleep-Away Camp
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Job Description

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund has provided free summer programs to more than 1.8 million New York City children from underserved communities. Every summer, over 3,000 children visit our six sleepaway camps in Upstate New York to learn about the outdoors, make new friends and unlock their limitless potential.

The Fresh Air Fund hires over 500 staff members from around the world to work at our camps. Fresh Air Fund staff are a group of diverse, motivated and dedicated individuals who share a passion for working with children. They come from different states, countries, colleges and backgrounds to have a fun, challenging summer and give our campers the experience of a lifetime. Fresh Air Fund staff are current and future educators, advocates and mentors, and will have a wide range of responsibilities while working at camp. Our staff develop skills such as teamwork, resiliency, patience and confidence, which can be applied to any future career path.

All positions are paid and include housing, food and transportation to and from NYC. We are happy to assist students who want internship credit for their time at camp.

Job Responsibilities: 
  • Provide overall supervision and management of all waterfront activities.

  • Plan, organize and direct all swimming activities for the campers and staff.

  • Supervise Waterfront Staff in water safety and swimming instruction activities and provide ongoing staff development.

  • There are six swimming and boating session per day. Working hours will vary depending on the time required to maintain the waterfront and its facilities.

  • Responsible for maintaining distinctly separate waterfront, boating and fishing facilities to comply with all pertinent safety codes.

  • Assume responsibility for the use and care of camp equipment and facilities.

  • With waterfront staff, conduct mandatory swim tests and swim area orientation at the start of each session for all staff and campers. Assign color-coded swim area(s) based on observed swimming ability. Ensure that waterfront and buddy check orientations are conducted for each waterfront user.

  • Coordinate and maintain waterfront “buddy systems” as required by New York State Health Department regulations. Responsible for ensuring buddy checks take place no more than fifteen (15) minutes apart, during both free swim and swim lesson periods.

  • With waterfront staff, conduct boating orientation at the start of each session for staff and campers. Conduct a counselor orientation that include use of any boat type they may use with campers. Conduct a counselor orientation that include use of any boat type they may use with campers. Arrange for tip test for those campers who are ready to use canoes without staff in the boat.

  • Schedule guard coverage to comply with mandatory ratios for supervision.

  • Ensure that beach signs, depth markers, float lines, ladders, reach poles, rescue lines, first aid kits, backboards, guard chairs, and other required waterfront elements are present and in good repair.

  • Direct beach, dock and water clean-up and maintenance. Must be familiar with human and animal waste clean-up and decontamination procedures as required by the NYS Department of Health. On waterfronts, maintain goose netting on beaches during all times waterfront is closed.

  • Coordinate with staff that daily beach/pool NYS Department of Health reports are completed.

  • Hidden Valley Waterfront Director will coordinate the daily monitoring of the pH and chlorine checks which are then recorded in the pool report.

  • Submit all forms, requisitions, evaluations and inventories that are required by Camp Directors, Health Departments and Health & Safety. Included forms should be daily beach condition reports noting water temperature, water clarity, weather conditions, and any incidents, accidents, or decontamination procedures that occur during each 24-hour period.

  • Be totally familiar with emergency procedures and be able to implement them when needed.

  • Understand that campers come first and decisions should be made in the best interest of campers.

  • Be an active member of the camp community by participating in all camp programming including camp-wide events, overnights, hikes, swimming, ropes courses, activities, and village meetings.

  • Strive to work in a cooperative manner with fellow staff to achieve goals of the program.

  • Invest time with campers to meet their needs, challenge their capabilities, and serve as a role model during their time at camp.

  • Explain and enforce the policies, traditions and rules of camp.

Summer salary: Salaries are commensurate with experience and include room and board.

Job Requirements
Should be at least 21 years of age by the start of camp.

At least three years of college or equivalent is preferred. College graduates are strongly preferred.

Must have a minimum of three seasons of previous waterfront experience as well as a current ARC Lifeguard Training certificate with waterfront module, Water Safety Instructor certificate and professional CPR certificate.

Previous supervisory experience is preferred.

Minimum of one-year experience working with children is required.

Passionate about working with children.

Interested in working and living in the outdoors for the summer.

Emotionally mature with a willingness to work as a team player.

Flexible and willing to accept challenges and step outside comfort zone.

Able to maintain a positive attitude.

Available for the entire duration of the summer program.
The Fresh Air Fund
Michelle Gottlieb
436 Van Wyck Lake Road
Fishkill NY 12524
United States