Summer Camp Executive Chef/ Kitchen Manager

Camp Green Cove
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Zirconia, NC 28790
United States

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Manages Others
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Yes Criminal Background check
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Summer Camp - Overnight
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Sleep-Away Camp
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Job Description
Mondamin and Green Cove are well established (in continuous operation since 1922) family-owned summer camps for children, with a reputation for a strong outdoor adventure program, including activities such as sailing, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, horseback riding, and rock climbing.
We operate two kitchens, one at our boys' camp (Mondamin), and one at the girl's camp (Green Cove). Our Kitchen Manager is also our Head Chef. The Manger/Chef has many duties, as described below, the most important of which are to be a good leader and personally produce good food for lots of campers and staff.
This is a seasonal operation; the job runs from about May 20 through August 20. The camp is located on 350 acre Lake Summit, at an elevation of 2000 feet in the Blue Ridge mountains. The kitchen and dining room overlook the lake. Campers attend from all over the United States, and from a number of foreign countries. We have a 3 week session in June, a 5 week session in July and early August, and 2 week session in August. Interested applicants may wish to check our web site at, for an overview of our program and camp philosophy.
Each kitchen feeds a normal maximum of 260 people per meal, three meals per day, family style, seven days per week, from early June through mid August. There are frequently reduced numbers, since campers are often out of camp on wilderness camping trips. The goal of our food service is to maintain a very high quality menu, with balanced meals and good variety. Our clientele includes 8 - 17 year old children, young adult staff members, and older staff members; we accommodate vegetarians and those with special dietary needs. We do this as economically as possible, but the emphasis is on good food over strict economy when choices must be made. We like for our campers (and staff) to go home saying, "I'm gonna miss camp cooking!"
Breakfasts are usually some combination of eggs, pancakes, biscuits, toast, muffins, fruit, cereal (hot and cold), hash browns, grits, bacon, sausage, etc. Lunches are usually relatively light: cold cuts, pizza, chick fillets, subs, tacos, mac and cheese, etc., usually with soup available. Suppers usually include a main course such as spagetti, baked or fried chicken, lasagna, beef stew, roast beef, etc. There is always a salad bar at lunch and dinner, and usually some sort of alternative, which might be made-over left-overs. Vegetarian options should always be available. From time to time there will be special events, such as a Luau, a Christmas party, treats for Saturday night coeds, etc. There will be a cook-out at least once a week (burgers, BBQ, or the like). 
Job Requirements
Normal responsibilities for the kitchen manager will include the following:

1. Organize, train and supervise a crew of approximately 12 employees. Assign duties, set work schedules, supervise and ensure performance. Performance and staff morale are closely linked; therefore, we will do our best to ensure good morale.

2. Many of the less experienced crew will be foreign, and will be willing, hard workers but unfamiliar with the requirements of the job. All will have some English skills, some better than others. Good leadership and communication skills on the part of the manager are critical to make them a part of the team.
o Cross train everyone so that they can do several jobs
o Ensure that all employees maintain sanitary standards
o Preach safety with knives, cutting equipment, hot stoves, dishwashers, etc.

3. There is an established menu, but it can be varied as needed. Work with the director and program director to adjust as necessary towards the goal of keeping everyone very happy with the food. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and specialty dishes are becoming a big part of the menu.

4. Avoid waste. Use of left-overs is important, but preparation and presentation are very important!

5. Maintain an inventory and order as necessary. We use certain purveyors which will deliver to camp; we do some local buying. Monitor prices and check invoices; invoices are passed on to the bookkeeper.

6. Maintain a clean kitchen. Floors should be mopped once a day; tables cleaned regularly; garbage kept covered, etc. Details like clean can openers, clean shelves, etc. should receive regular attention.

7. All food storage regulations and "good practices" should be followed... i.e., everything covered, proper warming and cooling times and temperatures observed, etc.

In addition to the regular responsibilities described above, a really good kitchen manager should:

1. Be an idea person. Think about how to make the food service something unique and remarkable, and come up with ideas on how to do it better every day.

2. Be an advocate for their staff. You are not expected to solve all personal problems, but some personal attention to each will be greatly appreciated, and is likely to be rewarded with enthusiasm on the job.

3. Get to know their clientele, meaning staff and even some of the campers. Campers spend several weeks at a time here and staff are here all summer!
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