Summer Nursing Assistant

Camp Echoing Hills
36272 CR 79
Warsaw, OH 43844
United States

Employment Type
Summer Camp - Overnight
Work Schedule
Sleep-Away Camp

Job Description
The Camp Nurse Assistant is responsible for assisting in direct care and treatment to the clients to meet their daily physical, mental, educational and spiritual needs. This position will also be responsible to assist in filing the daily medical documentation under the direction of Camp Nurse and will assist other staff in their documentation as necessary. This position will help maintain positive relationships with families, guardians, and medical providers and assist Camp Nurse with compliance with various regulatory agencies as it relates to the medical care and treatment of DD residents.


Work performed in this position will be of a complex, professional and confidential manner. Work requires a working knowledge of Nursing and Medical protocols, concepts, principles, and regulations. This position requires an ability to understand and follow treatment plans, programming, regulations, and policies and procedures under the direction of Camp Nurse, as well as gather and analyze facts, make quick and sometimes critical decisions regarding client medical care and treatment, and interact positively with various levels of employees, DD clients, family members and guardians, medical providers and other external people involved in the care and oversight of the clients. This position also requires excellent communication skills, problem solving skills and the ability to work in a sometimes-stressful environment. A positive image and conduct of a professional nature is required at all times. This position reports directly to the Camp Nurse. Work performed requires a significant amount of independence, self-direction and self-discipline.

Work performed in this position will be supervisory (Cabin Staff) as well as hands on and interactive and will require physical labor involving the lifting, pushing and pulling of clients. A professional, patient and confidential manner is required. Work also requires an understanding and demonstration of leadership techniques and abilities related to assisting and directing volunteers as they provide services and support to the Campers. This position requires an ability to read, write, communicate and interact positively with various staff and DD campers. A positive image and conduct of a professional nature is required at all times. This position may have potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious materials and will require an understanding of infection control, universal precaution and safety techniques. This position will also require a general understanding of rules and regulations related to the care and treatment of DD individuals. Work performed will be under the direction of the Camp Nurse and Program Director. Self-direction, initiative and the development of a daily routine will be required to accomplish the responsibilities outlined.


(1) Responsible for providing assisting the RN in the direct medical care and treatment to the clients. This includes, understanding camper applications and communicating if necessary to families, facilities, doctors and direct care staff to fully understand the care of each client, checking and monitoring vital signs and weights as ordered, performing other direct care needs such as dressing changes, tube feeds, distribution of medications and general care as it relates to illnesses, injuries or diseases, implementing new medication orders and treatments and providing special physical care including special treatments.

(2) Responsible for directing the workflow of the cabin counselors on a daily basis and assisting this staff with meeting the daily needs of the clients. This includes, supervising the cabin counselors and addressing issues during the camp, making sure the cabin counselors are meeting the needs of the clients as far as ADLs, assisting the cabin counselors with feeding, personal hygiene when needed and communicating any problems, issues or concerns regarding clients or staff to the Camp Program Director or Camp Administrator.

(3) Responsible for medical charting and reviewing documentation related to the care and treatment of the clients under the direction of the Camp Nurse. This includes, charting properly in the medical records; vitals, weights, treatments, medications given and missed or not given medications, behavioral issues, adverse reactions, and other medical procedures performed, documenting resident’s hospitalization, reviewing the documentation of other direct care staff to ensure appropriateness and completeness and assisting other staff with documentation questions and issues.

(4) Responsible for assisting the Camp Program Director with compliance and safety for both the campers and other employees and volunteers. This includes assisting campers, volunteers and camp personnel with emergency situations, following appropriate universal precaution, infection control and safety procedures, following and adhering to patient rights regulations, and reporting safety and other issues.

(5) Responsible for assisting the Camp Program Director with fulfilling the mission and purpose of the Camp Ministry. This includes creating opportunities and participating in activities with campers that promote the knowing and experiencing of Jesus Christ, contributing to the innovation and life-enhancing camping experiences of the campers and volunteers and serving all campers in a dignified, respectful way that demonstrates the teachings of Jesus Christ.

(6) Responsible for performing other duties as necessary.


Work is in a campground setting and will include indoor and outdoor environments in all kinds of weather environments related to a summer camp. Work hours are the camp schedule, (6 weeks or longer) and 6 days per week. (See also Part II of the Position Description for physical/mental requirements and environmental factors.)


Knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations regarding the medical care and treatment of DD individuals.

Comprehensive knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act and other principles and practices involved in the medical care and treatment of DD individuals

Ability to assist other personnel with DD Clients

Ability to supervise and direct the workflow of cabin counselors

Ability to communicate verbally and in writing at a professional level

Ability to remain calm in stressful situations, cope with stress and frustration, manage conflict and crisis and work under pressure and deadlines.

Ability to work with DD clients of varying functionality in a professional and Christian manner.

Comprehensive knowledge in Universal Precautions, Infection Control, Patient Rights, Safety, Building Evacuation Procedures and Weather Emergencies in order to direct personnel appropriately.

Ability to use independent judgment and make decisions

Ability to deal tactfully and courteously with regulators, co-workers at all levels, DD clients and family and the general public

Must have knowledge and understanding of Christian principals, ethics and morals and a faith in Jesus Christ.

Camp Echoing Hills
Lauren Unger
36272 CR 79
Warsaw OH 43844
United States
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