Living a balanced life


It is very easy to have a life that is out-of-balance. Some people even choose to have an out-of-balance life so they may achieve success in one specific area. Other people become out-of-balance in one area for a certain length of time so that they can catch up in that area. You need to pay attention to all areas.

In order to attain balance in your life, you need to grow in all areas:

1. Spiritual

2. Financial

3. Career

4. Health

5. Fitness

6. Recreation

7. Family

8. Social

You need to pay special attention to your career in order to meet your basic obligations. Be sure that you have a career and not just a job. A career has a concept of personal development. A job has a concept of needing money to do something else.

To grow in every area, you need to:

1. Set goals in every category

2. Set priorities

3. Develop a plan

4. Live

5. Review (Go back to step #1)

You should review annually what you did last year and what you plan for next year. Keep your plans where you can easily read them any day of the year. Look for growth in each area. If you see an area that has not improved, focus more on that area on your next plan.

Set goals for yourself. The goals need be measurable because you must be able to tell when you’ve accomplished one of your goals. Set goals that make you stretch. All successful people have failed. It’s how you deal with setbacks that count. If you have never failed then you have never reached!

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