Timberlake Counselor

The Salvation Army Camp Arnold
33412 Webster Rd E
Eatonville, WA 98328
United States
Summer Camp - Overnight
Sleep-Away Camp
Security Clearance Required
Job Start Date
Job End Date
Job Description
PAY = $350/week 
1. Attend and participate in all camp programs and spiritual activities. 
2. Maintain standard of cleanliness in personal grooming and in living quarters. 
3. Assist with the clean-up of the total camp at the end of each session and at the conclusion of the summer.
4. Assist with other duties as needed.

Safety and Supervision 
1. Assume responsibility for the supervision and direction of a group of 8-12 campers. 
2. Enforce camp policies and procedures 
3. Maintain the utmost level of safety for staff and campers at all times. 
4. Ensure compliance with American Camping Association standards of safety and programmatic conduct at all times. 
5. Coordinate and implement all program components relative to the daily schedule in a timely fashion. 
Weekly Responsibilities 
1. Provide daily care and guidance through all program components for assigned camper group. 
2. Conduct an Initial Cabin Meeting as instructed on the first day of each camp session. Fill out and turn in any required paperwork for this as instructed. 
3. Provide proper supervision for assigned camper group during all meal times. 
4. Provide proper directions and supervision for the daily clean-up of the cabin living area. 
5. When assigned to Day Camp use extra time on Mondays and Fridays for Christian Education opportunities. Tuesday-Thursday try to find time in the schedule to debrief chapels. 
6. When assigned to overnight camp conduct group devotions for assigned camper group every evening prior to bed time. Devotions should be planned out, quality and not hurried. Plan to spend some time with your campers talking afterward as they go to sleep. 
7. Accompany assigned camper group to all camp activities that are planned for their involvement. 
8. Complete any required forms as may be related to camper or program evaluation, or health documentation. 
9. Complete the daily entries required in the Camper Log book as needed throughout the day. Submit them for periodic review as required. Turn them in at the end of each week. 
10. When assigned to overnight camp attend Weekly Camp Out. 
11. Teach and model appropriate counseling techniques to Junior Counselors. 
12. Assist in conducting all camp program activities as needed. 
13. When assigned to Day Camp you will normally be off-duty after campfire. However, if there is a need for help you must plan to be available up until curfew. 
14. Day Camp staff will be on duty until after dinner on Fridays. Please plan accordingly when assigned to Day Camp.
Job Requirements
1. Ability to sit, walk, stand, bend, squat, climb, kneel, and twist on an intermittent or continuous basis.
2. Ability to grasp, push, pull objects and reach overhead.
3. Ability to operate telephone.
4. Ability to operate a desktop or laptop computer.
5. Ability to lift up to 25 lbs.
6. Ability to access and produce information from a computer.
7. Ability to understand written information.
Qualified individuals must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without accommodation. A qualified person with a disability may request a modification or adjustment to the job or work environment in order meet the physical requirements of the position. The Salvation Army will attempt to satisfy requests as long as the accommodation needed is a reasonable and no undue hardship would result.

By accepting employment with The Salvation Army, you acknowledge that The Salvation Army is a church, agree to do nothing to undermine its religious mission and acknowledge that your conduct must not conflict with or undermine the religious program of The Salvation Army Camp Arnold, or its religious and moral purposes. It is expected that all employees of Camp Arnold will conduct themselves in a manner likely to bring honor and glory to God, and credit and respect to The Salvation Army
Steve Kastama
33412 Webster Rd E
Eatonville WA 98328
United States
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